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This website takes advantage of an overlooked fact – we do not lose knowledge when we share it. In fact, when we share what we know, think, feel, and experience, it often comes back to us in new ways; in ways that connect us and help us cope with the challenges we face. We know that sharing and helping others helps us cope, feel good about ourselves, and brings us all closer together. This is especially important when we are faced with adversity or we are in cross-cutural environments.


This website and blog are about being healthy – mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.


Unfortunately, we keep a lot of our thoughts and emotions hidden. In fact, we keep a lot of things hidden – our emotions, wisdom, gratitude, enlightened perspectives, stresses, and desires. Everyone has an incredible repertoire of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that they can share with others. But in today’s world we are afraid to be wise, even though we all are in some way. We are afraid to help each other cope and thrive.


I believe that we all can either find a teacher and guide that can help us or we can be one for someone else. This is particularly important when we face crisis or change, live abroad, or we are in new environments. Sometimes we enjoy both, learning from others and then passing that knowledge on. This is the shared nature of our lives, we each depend on and support each other in different ways, at different times, and for different reasons. In the end, we are all in this together.


I believe that everyone has the power to live a meaningful and fulfilling life at home and abroad. But we have to be active in our own lives, we have to harness our power and direct it in ways that lift us up and energize us. Sometimes, this means cultivating our strengths to overcome problems. On this website I will talk about coping, well-being, mental health, cross-cultural adjustment, being resilient, stress management, positive psychology, mindfulness, and developing an understanding of ourselves and our relationships. I will also talk about some problems, especially stress, coping, cross-cultural adjustment, and alcohol. 


I also believe that we are each on a hero’s (or heroine’s) journey. We often construct the story of our lives in the rearview mirror. We look backwards and put the pieces together to find their meaning. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can look forward and be who we were meant to be. In fact, we can be who we were meant to be in every moment. It is our choice. Sometimes it takes a little courage and sometimes it requires a little mindfulness, learning about ourselves, introspection, positive thinking, goal-setting, and work. But that is ok.


Enjoy this website, its material, and my blog. I hope it helps you along the way.


- James

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