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teamwork hands image coping cross-cultural-adjustment expatriate self-improvement
Mastering Cross-cultural Relationships


This book focuses on cross-cultural relationships between individuals from different countries. It explores culture and problems in cross-cultural relationships and provides approaches to improving relationships and resolving conflict. It includes: 

  • 5 key areas where cross-cultural problems can arise: Culture shock, Language, Lifestyle, Religion, and Family.

  • 14 self-improvement worksheets you can complete to gain personal insight and improve your cross-cultural relationships.

  • 3 cross-cultural conflict scenarios for you to apply cultural skills.

  • 5 practical approaches you can use to improve cross-cultural relationships and resolve conflict: Awareness, Acceptance and Appreciation, Communication, Support and Cultural Blending, and Humor and Respect.

stress management book coping cross-cultural-adjustment expatriate self-improvement
My Stress Management Workbook


This stress management workbook provides essential insights and strategies that will help you manage stress and reduce its impact on your life. It includes:

  • The biology of stress and the mind-body connection.

  • 12 strategies you can use to manage stress and transform your life.

  • 12 self-improvement worksheets you can complete to gain personal insight and improve your resilience to stress.

COVID image coping cross-cultural-adjustment expatriate self-improvement
My COVID Self-Care Workbook


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world in unprecedented ways. This workbook is a guide on how we can help ourselves through self-care. It is about coping, regaining a sense of control over our lives, and creating new perspectives that allow us to live a fulfilling life in the face of adversity. This book will help us cope with the pandemic but its techniques are just as useful in addressing other challenges we may face that have negative impacts on our well-being and that
stretch our capacity to care for ourselves to its limits.

airplane window coping cross-cultural-adjustment expatriate self-improvement
Coping Strategies for Living Abroad


This book examines cross-cultural adjustment and the challenges of living abroad. It includes:

  • 8 coping strategies you can use to overcome the challenges of living abroad and enjoy your experience.

  • 6 profiles of people who have moved abroad to bring the expatriate experience to life. 

  • 4 scenarios that you can explore to understand the various stages of cultural adjustment.

  • 20 self-assessment worksheets you can complete to gain personal insight and resolve adjustment challenges.

alcohol treatment coping cross-cultural-adjustment expatriate self-improvement
Alcohol Abuse Resistance Training for Expatriates


Many people who live abroad simply do not have access to the counseling and treatment services that are available to them in their home country. Their options may narrow down to either self-managing their own care or simply not working on an issue. This book is a guide to help you examine yourself and your life. It focuses on helping you understand alcohol, how alcohol fits into your life, and how you can make decisions that create the positive, enriching life you deserve.

wisdom image coping cross-cultural-adjustment expatriate self-improvement
The Quiet Voice of Wisdom


Although often overlooked, our lives are full of rich details that have the power to illuminate and restore its meaning. In our hurried and chaotic world, we are often too busy or distracted to learn its insights. This book shows how we can stop, look, listen, and learn from the everyday world around us. Drawing on major themes from religion, philosophy, and psychology, this book transforms our everyday experiences into powerful lessons.  

Cebuano language coping cross-cultural-adjustment expatriate self-improvement
18 Essential Cebuano (Bisaya) Verbs


This book provides a colorful introduction to the Cebuano (Bisaya) language. It covers the conjugation for 18 verbs that are essential for daily living in the Philippines. It provides sample sentences to increase comprehension and show language use. It also includes over 90 new vocabulary words. Learning a new language is enhanced and more fun when it is accompanied with an understanding of culture. This book provides 20 snapshots of daily living that bring culture in the Philippines to life.

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